Civil Society for Family Planning in Nigeria

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About Us

ivil Society for Family Planning in Nigeria (CiSFP) is a grassroots movement for family planning that is advocating for increased resources and quality services in Nigeria through collective effort of grassroots organizations and local community members.

GOAL OF CIS- FP To reduce maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria

OBJECTIVES CIS- FP • To conduct advocacy for enabling policies for family planning at grassroots in Nigeria • To increase demand for all modern methods for family planning at grassroots in Nigeria • To coordinate the activities of especially grassroots civil societies working n family planning in Nigeria • To monitor and ensure the implementation of all commitments made by Nigeria government relating to family planning and maternal health towards self-sufficiency and contraceptive security • Independently track and report to FP2020 secretariat on government implementation of its commitments on family planning at London Summit and similar international forums • Promote the achievement of Nigeria government development targets that relate to family planning (e.g. MDGs, Vision20:2020 …) • Hold donors and government accountable to their support to family planning in Nigeria in a transparent and accountable manner