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About Us

Essence of a Lady is an innovative 501(c)3 nonprofit organizationwich recruits women and women entrepreneurs to work collaboratively to provide educational and mentoring programs to girls and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our mission is to empower girls and wormen to grow spiritually, emotionally/mentally, physically, and financially. Our vision is ALL females will receive the resources and support needed to become productive citizens of society. Our goal is to promote a positive self-esteem, encourage self-love and self-sufficiency, and teach self-discipline. Since 1989, women have been supporting women entrepreneurs and girls through monthly gathering and networking opportunities. In 2003, Essence of a Lady became incorporated and received its 501(c)3 status from the IRS and began its mentoring program for girls called Young Essence Ladies...Learning (YELL!). For the past 10 years, through its collaborative partnership of national, state, and local agencies, YELL! has helped hundreds of girls redirect their behaviors, focus on school, and graduate to become productive citizens.Indirectly, through the resources and services provided, women entrepreneurs have receive human and business resources to help grow their business and nonprofit organization. This year, the mentoring program and networking group for women will serve mmore than 10 schools in 2 states.