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About Us

The United Women’s Ball Hockey Foundation was started to support and develop the women's ball hockey community by providing opportunities for increased women's participation, advancement, and awareness at a local, regional, and national level. Though the women’s game has been gradually growing, we want to ensure it keeps growing.

How will we accomplish this, you ask? Our intention is to spread the word about our wonderful sport of ball hockey, a sport that has brought so many of us together from across the United States and around world. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that ball hockey even exists and that there are a variety of ways to get involved in the sport. From recreational leagues to the highest international competitions, ball hockey can be enjoyed at all skill levels. We want to start at the grass roots level, working with youth programs and communities around the country to run camps for kids and adults. We would like to establish a community that helps women get involved, find out what hockey leagues are near them, and put them in touch with regional contacts. We also want to keep women informed on tournaments that host a Women’s division. We plan on running fundraising events to grow the Foundation so we can give back and in turn, keep the sport growing. We want to bring in fans of the game, families, and athletes alike while allowing established ice and field hockey players another avenue of competition.

We want input from our peers, the men and women who currently play, and those who have played this sport in years past. We want to know your stories. We want to hear from players that have children who now play and the opportunities this sport has provided them. We want to know how we can help provide chances for others to experience all this game has to offer.

On the surface, ball hockey is a simple game. All you need is a stick and a ball. For those that play, the simple truth is that this sport gives back tenfold what you put in. Ball hockey has brought people together form various walks of life from all across the country to create an extended family and community. We feel this simple truth should be shared with others and recognized, so that many more young girls can be impacted in such a positive way. The girls who start playing today can grow up learning how it feels to be part of a team, work hard for each other, feel as though they are valued by their peers, and as a result grow into confident women that will have memories and bonds that last a lifetime.

This is our goal…This is our passion…This is OUR sport…and it is all for the love of the game!