Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation

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2107 Van Ness
Suite 302
San Francisco
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About Us

Based in San Francisco, JPEF develops and distributes compelling educational materials – free-of-charge – about the Jewish partisans of World War II, bringing their stories of heroic resistance against tyranny into educational and cultural organizations.

Few people are aware that nearly 30,000 Jews escaped ghettos and work camps during World War II and fought against the Nazis. Many of these resistance fighters, or partisans, were teenagers. Through teaching about heroic teens from another era, JPEF’s materials educate young people about ethics, leadership, and resistance, and inspire Jewish youth with pride in their heritage.

JPEF has developed innovative curriculum, including fifteen printed lessons and study guides, eleven short films, and nine online professional development courses for 6-12th grade educators in public and private schools, Jewish day schools, Jewish youth groups, summer camps, and synagogues. In addition to a cutting-edge E-Learning platform, JPEF also provides in-person teacher trainings on the use of its materials. Over 7,000 educators use JPEF films, study guides, and lesson plans.