Bulamu Community Group

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About Us

The Bulamu Community Group was formed to give direct and full support to children. Your help will provide recreation for children, in the form of outings or equipment, providing opportunities for them to play and learn as well as making a positive change in our community.

Bulamu is a vernacular word which means ” Life”. In 2009 we formed the Bulamu Community Group to respond to needs and effect positive change in our community.

The group is based in Nabwereu sub-countries of Wakiso District in Uganda and exists to help the vulnerable women and children, elderly and disabled persons in our community.

Have you heard this saying? “If a man is hungry and you give him a fish, he will be hungry again tomorrow. If you teach a man to fish, he will never go hungry again.” In places like ours, where there is great need, there is nothing more people would dream for than to be “taught to fish.” Being able to provide for oneself and one’s own family is something most people would prefer, instead of just accepting handouts. We, the Balamu Community Group are working according to this principle of teaching a “man to fish.”

We intend to create stable incomes for families and households through sustainable development and for each person to live a positive, happy and hopeful life. We envision a free society with opportunity for all and intend to play a vital role in social and economic development by carrying out programs that emphasize: