ILA-Afrika - Association Local Initiatives and Action-Afrika

About Us

ILA-Afrika has been founded by a group of 9 Togolese, including 3 women having qualifications and experience in sociology, business, translations, law, secretaryship, accounting, and writing. The association's aim is to help towards durable human development through the protection of the rights of children, of women and of agricultural production groups. We hope to attain our aims through sensitization of target groups and the public, conferences, symposia, seminars, collaboration with non-profits with similar aims, and lobbying. We are looking for partnerships and funding for our projects.

Name:ILA-AFRIKA (Local Initiatives and Action- AFRIKA)


Head Office:66, Rue Agodeke, Tokoin Casablanca, Lome

Year of creation:2005

Operation staff:6

Objective summary: Child and community focused humanitarian development organization, ILA-Afrika aims at reducing poverty and reaching sustainable development through education, empowerment of families and rural communities, and promotion and protection of the Rights of the child.

Program domains: - Promotion and protection of the Rights of the child (Child labour; Child trafficking; Child abuse and neglect; Commercial sexual exploitation of children; rehabilitation and social reinsertion) - Basic education (Assistance; training of teachers; sensitization and advocacy) - Community development /livelihood (Assistance to rural workers, producers, and families; Training; Adult literacy programs, etc. - AIDS/HIV (Awareness raising and education ; assistance)

Program principles: - Child participation and centredness - Community mobilization - Environmental sustainability - Empowerment and sustainability - Gender equity - Co-operation

Intervention zone:Maritime region of Togo (precisely in the Prefectures of Vo, Lacs, Zio, Yoto and Golfe).