Teach & Travel: Thailand at Chiang Mai University

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About Us

Teach & Travel: Thailand is a non-profit and locally based university program focusing on positive-impact tourism. T&T was started in 2007 with the goal of offering travellers an unforgettable, holistic and fun travel experience throughout Thailand while fostering worldwide intercultural understanding and making a lasting and meaningful impact on the local community through sustainable volunteering. We are based at the Language Institute, Chiang Mai University. CMU is one of Thailand's most respected and highly rated institutions of higher learning, ensuring a high-quality level of training, a local organisation with community mandates and sustainability for our volunteer work.

We provide this experience to our participants in a way that is in accordance with and supports ethical volunteering and tourism. In addition, we have no religious or political affiliations.

Our Program Objectives For our participants, the program will:

  • Provide an authentic cultural immersion experience while promoting a better understanding of Thailand, its people, history and culture;
  • Provide an opportunity to contribute to the local community in a meaningful and lasting way;
  • Offer independent travellers a way to travel abroad in a safe and secure manner;
  • Give participants the opportunity to gain important jobs skills and valuable experience in a fun and engaging way;
  • Provide first-hand experience of teaching in a foreign country, allowing participants an opportunity to see if it is a future career path;
  • Offer the chance to meet new people, make new friends and have a fun experience they will remember for the rest of their lives;
  • Provide an opportunity to combine volunteerism, learning and travel.

For our local community, the program will:

  • Develop lasting, meaningful and cooperative relationships with local schools and organisations.
  • Give Thai students a chance to meet and study with foreigners, fostering a deeper intercultural understanding;
  • Afford local schools the unique opportunity to receive free English language instruction from native speakers in an on-going program contributing to the students’ learning in a relevant and meaningful way;
  • Provide Thai school children with a fun English language learning experience, encouraging a love of learning;
  • Partner with local and international organisations to donate needed materials and scholarships to government schools providing a lasting contribution to the children’s educations and futures.

If you love to travel and want to learn more about volunteer teaching in Thailand, please contact us at info@teachtravel.org or visit our website at http://www.cmu.teachtravel.org.