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About Us

Agape Nutritional Therapists (A.N.T), started its operations way back in 2005 as a simple clinic for profit (Agape Herbal Research Clinic), that was established with the aim of helping people suffering from lifestyle diseases especially those originating from poor feeding principles and habits.

At the time, very little was known about the contribution Nutritional Therapy and other modalities of natural cure could make towards achieving the goal of a disease free Uganda. A.N.T therefore served as one of the pioneer establishments in the country that created a tangible positive impact in the field of naturopathy. 

Emphasis then was being placed on a wide range of diseases and conditions from the seemingly simple but deadly like Constipation to other advanced conditions like Diabetes, High blood Pressure, Ulcers, Liver problems, Kidney diseases, and malnutrition in children; among others.

Within a span of 6 years (2005 – 2010), the clinic had worked on close to 12,000 clients and research, statistics and patients' health data collected over the years, pointed to nothing else but the dire need to come up with a Community Based not for profit organization, that would create more awareness in society as well as helping people suffering from a cross section of nutrition and lifestyle diseases at no cost. 

It was then that this CBO was born, to create unlimited access to our services which include; health status checkups, nutritional counseling, nutritional therapy and general informational dissemination through workshops, training, radio and TV programmes and print. 

By the end of this year (2015), A.N.T shall have made 5 years as a C.B.O and a lot has been achieved through our programmes. Lives have been touched, long lasting partnerships built and overall, the science behind holistic nutrition has been and is still being revealed to the world .