My Little Red House Bilingual School

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Barrio San Jose
Nueva Ocotepeque

About Us

Located in Nueva Ocotepeque, Honduras, The My Little Red House Bilingual School is the only trilingual school (Spanish, English, and French) in the region and it is widely regarded as the best primary education available. Currently, it has twelve grades (two kindergarten and first through ten) and there is a total of about 100 students. The school is continuing to grow.

Nueva Ocotepeque is a safe, quiet town of about 15,000 in the westernmost part of Honduras. While certainly not a tourist destination, it is a beautiful town surrounded by picturesque cloud forests and mountains. It is a frequent stop off point for travelers heading to and from El Salvador and Guatemala, therefore bus transportation to the rest of the region is excellent. Ocotepeque is considered small by most volunteers, but not so small that basic necessities like internet access aren’t readily available. For volunteers who like to travel, San Salvador and the Copan Ruins are a day trip away. Also, popular coastal destinations like Tela, La Cieba and the Bay Islands are easily accessible during long weekends and vacations. email at or visit our web site at

The school is constantly looking for English and French speaking volunteers.