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Ban Pak Song

About Us

TCDF Eco-Logic is a an official Thai organisation since April 2003.

TCDF Eco-Logic is set up to support the Thai Child Development Foundation. You too can support the foundation and it's projects, simply by staying in the accommodation that TCDF Eco-Logic offers, or to help with the work on our premises. For more information about the foundation, it's aims and goals and the projects you can visit this web

Self sustainability, creating awareness on the rainforest, garbage and recycling programs and alternative additional income for local people are some of our goals.

For the self sustainability program we work together with international volunteers in the Eco&kids-project.

Next to the volunteer project, TCDF Eco-Logic offers:

TCDF Eco-Logic is located in the southern part of Thailand, 45 km east of the city ofRanong. On the map you will find us in between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. We are easy to reach and we can offer you many ways to b involved, expierence Thailand, enjoy your holiday and nature in a different way.