Lutheran Social Services of Northern California

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About Us

LSS envisions that our communities have hope, stability, and a path to self-sufficiency. At LSS of Northern California we provide supportive housing services that address the underlying causes of homelessness. Stable housing is our blueprint for success. When people have a home of their own, other areas of their lives are transformed. They can seek employment, reinvest in personal relationships, receive health care, and more. LSS provides the materials necessary for people to build well-being, reach their individual potential, and contribute to their communities.

We are passionate about our work! Our case management and money management services address the underlying causes of homelessness which may include mental illness, poverty, trauma, unemployment and addiction. LSS provides a strong foundation for people across the lifespan. Our service area includes San Francisco, Sacramento, Contra Costa and San Joaquin Counties.

LSS helps our clients lay the ground work for a healthy, stable and fulfilling life. Founded in faith, LSS is open to all. Our work is guided by a commitment to justice, human rights, and caring compassion towards those who are often overlooked by others.