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About Us

Mission The Feerick Center for Social Justice seeks to frame concrete, achievable solutions to the discrete problems of urban poverty. To accomplish this mission, the Center combines • the urgency of a social justice mission, • the creativity of a problem-solving center, and • the educational mission of a law school. We engage in fact finding, legal analysis, policy research, convening, and consensus building. We train new generations of law students and fellows to continue the important social justice work championed by the Center’s Director and Founder, John D. Feerick.

"John is the friend and mentor of so many of us. When we create this Center we honor him—but we do not do that for him, for honors mean nothing to this modest man. We do it for us. When we honor John, we dedicate ourselves to all the ideals of Fordham Law School, the ideals we hold most dear."

William Michael Treanor Dean and Professor of Law

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