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About Us

Insaan Group is formed as a global philanthropic fund of funds, focusing initially on Afghanistan and India, and qualifies as a tax exempt, public charity (501 c 3) under US law. Insaan's aim is to make philanthropy more effective by applying sound investment principles to the field of global philanthropy.

Insaan works with philanthropists on four themes that it believes to be instrumental in addressing human needs in developing countries: Education Fund, Entrepreneurship Development Fund, Orphan Fund and Culture Fund.

By connecting private wealth to innovative ventures in developing countries, both through funding charitable projects and through variants of loan or equity, Insaan increases the overall impact of philanthropic giving.

Insaan believes that the nature of ventures ‘invested' in for maximizing ‘philanthropic return on investment' should go beyond traditional charities to include nascent private companies, public entities and indigenous non profits - as often seeds of innovation, sustainability and macro-level impact lie across this organizational spectrum.