PHILCORPS Organization for the Underprivileged

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About Us

PHILCORPS is a community-based organization located in Batac City, Ilocos Norte with a network of families, friends, students; and volunteers spanning more than four continents, and linking dozens of distinct communities throughout the world. PHILCORPS brands itself less as an organization, and more as an idea; an idea that becomes materialized through the actions of volunteers and their desire to serve, to learn from, and to appreciate disempowered Filipino communities.

PHILCORPS has a track record of successes throughout the Ilocos Norte and metro Manila regions. It's flagship program, theBayanihan Volunteer Programhas brought volunteers who contributed their knowledge, skills, and their willingness to open themselves to learning from a new culture. Bayanihan volunteers usually offer their skills and abilities to several ongoing PHILCORPS initiatives targeting youth, economic empowerment, and developing prosocial behavior.