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About Us

The Fairness Foundation is a non-profit Nationwide organization that seeks to help first and foremost the uninsured overcome the overwhelming maze of hospital costs. We aim to empower the individual to get equitable treatment in hospital billing. We believe that the uninsured deserve to be charged fair prices for their health care. We believe that there needs to be transparency in hospital billing, and every citizen should know how much they are being charged and why. We believe the uninsured should not shoulder the burden of huge hospital costs. We believe that not for profit hospitals should be held to a standard that reflects a philanthropic, not for profit, attitude.*

There are over 47 million Americans without insurance, and even more are under-insured. Who are the uninsured? It can be anyone, the employed or the unemployed, it crosses all socioeconomic, ethnic and racial lines. However, the poor are the hardest hit. Fifty percent of all bankruptcies in this country are a result of medical expenses. This cost weighs heavily on us all. We are a web-based advocacy group that uses a Victim Assistant Team to help the individual work their way through the maze of unfair hospital charges.