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About Us

The Association “AdriaticGreeNet”- onlus, is the result of an international web of associations, having exclusively social solidarity aims and has as its objective the protection and enhancement of nature and the environment.

In pursuit of its social utility purposes the Association carries out the following activities:

  1. determining sustainable priorities and criteria for environmental intervention as indication for the competent authorities.
  2. awareness raising of the the public opinion on various environmental problems and sustainable development;
  3. stimulating and activating public participation in decision-making at all levels, by building a web for the exchange of data, information and proposals for shared solutions based on transparency;
  4. creating the preconditions for the achievement of the network's given objectives by the partner associations, while safeguarding the interests of the single members;
  5. organising and coordinating at regional, national and European level activities aiming at the promotion of sustainable development models;
  6. organising meetings, seminars, workshops, training processes, conferences and debates aiming at a change and/or implementation of the guidelines of the European legal framework on environmental matters;
  7. producing, distributing and spreading scientific, technical, cultural and educational materials on nature and environment protection and enhancement, through the press, radio, television and any other media;
  8. facilitating a high level of information and knowledge exchange between the partner associations;
  9. organising and coordinating activities with educational/scientific purposes;
  10. organising and coordinating information and awareness raising campaigns and/or actions aimed at enhancing the conscience/awareness level among citizens and other subjects of civil society on problems regarding the environment;
  11. presenting proposals for amendments, integrations and extension of the European legal framework on environmental matters at various decisional levels;
  12. promoting actions for the activation of local Agenda 21 programs
  13. promoting actions for the adoption by all involved countries, of the Aarhus Convention "Convention on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters".

The Association “AdriaticGreeNet – onlus” shall be active within the Adriatic Euroregion, mainly in the Northern Adriatic area, in order to promote the development, cohesion and implementation of the Communitarian legal framework on environmental issues between the Member States, the Associated Countries and Balcan Countries, attempting, in this way, to facilitate the bringing about of sustainable development policies centered on biodiversity protection, i.e. a totality of natural, human, social and cultural elements and on an equal relationship between man and woman.