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About Us

Help Yourself by Helping Others

We’re a gifts and wishes pool. We match resources with needs.

Make a wish when you’re in need, give a gift when you’ve got something extra, share a thing that’s not being used to the max.

We organize goods, services, people power, brainpower, and the indomitable human spirit and make them available to everyone for free.

As a public service. To help people. To enhance life. To save the Earth.

Think of us as a free eBay without the race against time. Think of us as Freecycle, Craigslist, Volunteermatch, Couchsurfing, Universal Giving, the Hungersite, NetAid, and The One Campaign all rolled together. It’s hard to imagine all that you can do in GiveGet Nation. The potential is unlimited.

We’re a G-rated family site. Nothing here is for sale, barter or trade. There are no middle men, fees or overhead charges of any kind. All communications are via secure email. All citizen transactions are rated for integrity.

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Give. Get. Share.