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About Us

God’s Vision for Africa Project is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) providing Humanitarian Aid, and Social Development Projects to assist at–risk vulnerable children and communities by collaborating with volunteers, partners, supporters and friends to deliver positive Social Change and Development.

Areas of Intervention:
> Children Rights
> Social Development
> Humanitarian Aid
> Poverty and Hunger
> International Cooperation
> Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Our Mission: To provide aid to people in need. To empower marginalized and undeserved communities by providing tools and resources, knowledge and skills and necessary development projects to solve their own problems and improve their life standard and condition.

Our Vision: An Africa where all community members have access to quality education, health care, sustainable employment, clean water and nutritious food to increase their well-being and in which there Human Dignity, Rights and Freedoms are fully enjoyed and protected.

We continue to work and build strong partnership network with Partners, Volunteers and humanitarian workers around the world to efficiently Serve, Save lives, Make a Difference and maximize our developmental impact in communities hence advancing the cause of humanity.

A special THANK YOU to all of you who care for the communities and make our mission possible through your generosity!

To offer your insight and contribution towards empowering others, Contact GVA PROJECT at:

GVA PROJECT || God’s Vision for Africa Project International ||
469-00518 Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: (+254) 734.929.569 / (+254) 722.667.811

Email: gvakenyaint@gmail.com
Email: info@gvaproject.org