Wyckoff Heights Medical Center - Division of Community and Population Health

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374 Stockholm Street
New York
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About Us

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (Wyckoff) is an evolving healthcare organization that offers a broad range of primary care, specialty care, and support services to a diverse population in the local area of Northern and Central Brooklyn and Southern Queens. Wyckoff is an Article 28, not-for-profit teaching hospital established in 1889 with 324 beds and multiple community-based health centers, with a mission to provide quality healthcare with kindness. At Wyckoff, we understand the role of our hospital in improving both medical and non-medical determinants of community population health, and are dedicated to a holistic, preventive, and collaborative approach to cultivating the well-being of our local neighborhoods. Wyckoff is an invaluable resource for our service area, each year serving more than 82,000 unique individuals, providing more than 85,000 Emergency Department visits, delivering over 140,000 diverse outpatient services, and ushering more than 1,400 new lives into this world.Positions posted to this forum will be employed in the Division of Community Health and Engagement, which houses all of Wyckoff’s grant-funded and other special projects that aim to improve population health in our local community. This division has a budget of more than $8.5 Million and employs over 80 diverse and experienced staff working across multiple hospital departments.