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About Us

Who We Are

Exit Poverty International is a development and advocacy charity that is a part of the global confederation of Exit Poverty instuitions. Exit Poverty raises funds and helps on key management areas of Its chapters in Africa. Using its grassroots presence in Africa, Exit Poverty UK & Exit Poverty USA seeks to raise its influence in support of building development opportunities for the poor in Africa. Opportunities for poverty alleviation are most successful when small enterprises have access to finance, training and are linked to value chains. For those reasons, Exit Poverty works with Global citizens, corporations and governments in realising these opportunities. At Exit Poverty, whether giving or receiving services, everyone is involved and feels empowered to help exit poverty.

What we do

Poverty, for Exit Poverty, is a matter of missed opportunities. The challenges that millions of poor in Africa face are not inevitable. Oftentimes, they are the result of a lack of enterprise development and a lack of equity that results in poor governance. We believe that alleviating poverty is possible, but only when the poor are given both the opportunities to build their enterprises and the power to determine their destiny. For Exit Poverty, creating a pathway for low income people is central to this change. Our work focuses on 3 key areas that we believe will have the biggest impact:

  1. Enterprises: We enhance enterprises by offering training and a creative loan program in partnership with our supporters and MFI’S.
  2. Advocacy: Exit Poverty organises, educates and mobilises these people to help them better engage with policy makers.
  3. Inspiration: Working with our Global supporters, we explore and share through media the breakthrough that business people, artists and policy makers have made. This inspiration motivates low income people to take action to change their situation.

Where we’re going

Our vision Every life in Africa has the opportunity to exit poverty

Our mission. To Inspire supporters to empower people living in Poverty

Our Purpose We exist to empower lives of both supporters and low income beneficiaries in alleviating poverty in Africa

Learn More at Exit Poverty at http://www.exitpoverty.org/