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About Us

Educate. Empower. Bring Change to Huaycan.

The Light and Leadership Initiative's mission is to respond to the needs of the women in the Ate-Vitarte district of Lima, Peru in their struggle out of poverty by improving the availability and quality of education offered to women and children. Through workshops and classes, women are empowered to better care for themselves and their families by improving both their physical and emotional well being, as well as advancing their skills in the workforce. Children are offered similar opportunities and learn the value of education and respect for one's community. We believe the women and children of the Ate-Vitarte district will become positive leaders for change through love, support, and education.

Our educational programs are offered in the areas of literacy, the English language, math, art, and community leadership and much more! We also offer a volunteer program, allowing volunteers to work along side the program's participants, learn about Peruvian culture, and establish life long friendships. Volunteers play an essential role in our organization. Looking to make a difference? We can help you help Huaycan!

We are registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Tinley Park, Illinois. We began program operations in June of 2009.

Latest Listings

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Teach English in Peru! 2018 Opportunities! (Volunteer Opportunity)

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