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About Us

We believe climate change is a fundamental threat to the lives and livelihood of every human and future generations here in the United States and across the globe, with those living in poverty here and abroad most likely to suffer as a result.

We believe that bold action by public officials — at all levels of government — are essential to addressing the threat posed by climate change.

We believe bold action to address climate change must be at a pace and scale consistent with what science tells us is necessary to maintain a safe climate for future generations.

We believe the solutions we need are here, but require political will to succeed.

We believe climate justice must be at the core of comprehensive plans to address climate change, ensuring that the costs of the necessary economic transition do not fall unfairly on those who can least afford it.

Our Vision: Our national, state, and local governments put in place bold, progressive actions to combat climate change, led by a diverse legion of individual “climate hawk” leaders who share our beliefs.

Our Mission: To identify, train, and elect individual “climate hawk” leaders, while generating a political environment in which those leaders have the power to advance policies needed to address climate change.