CFOR Force for Change

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About Us

From the kitchen table to the negotiating table, our goal is a ‘facilitator at every table’. CFOR has four programmes:

1.Facilitation and Training: consultation and training within NGOs and international organisations, and our Annual Modular Faciliation for Leaders training

2. Beyond Conflict: facilitating forums and training in post-conflict communities, focusing on conflict resolution, violence prevention and community building. Linking the emotional and relational recovery of communities with practical and economic reconstruction

3. Europe Matters: Pathways for understanding and transforming the violence of history, towards building thriving multicultural societies.

4. Seeds: Working alongside individuals who have transformed their own personal and collective history, and are in a unique position to envision and work towards a different future for their communities.

We also focus on writing and lectures in the areas of conflict resolution, community trauma and accountability.