African Federation, Inc.

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About Us


To strengthen the institutional capacities of African immigrant-serving organizations under the aegis of a technical assistance provider. To mobilize African immigrants into a collective for social change both in the United States and Africa.”

Vision: To serve as the national intermediary through which public, private, and philanthropic resources will penetrate the African immigrant communities in the United States.

Goals and Objectives:

Assist in building strong organizations that are effective in program delivery and meeting diverse and increasing needs; Create a forum to discuss pressing issues of concern to the African Diaspora and Africa; Provide a clearinghouse for information of concern to the Diaspora and policy matters in both the United States and Africa; and Pool needs to seek resources and promote cooperation beyond ethnic, national, and gender basis. Guiding Principles:

AFI is not a political organization AFI will not favor any region of Africa over another; AFI operates in a transparent manner with continuous input from member or network organizations; AFI values constructive dissent.