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About Us

We envision thriving Cambodian communities in which women and girls are healthy, engaged, and empowered to lead.

To advance and change our society, women and girls must participate at every level of the decision-making process. But for too long, their voices have been silenced, neglected, and unheard. Despite the fact that women hold positions of power and leadership in every arena, barriers still exist and prevent women and girls from achieving their fullest potential. This is especially true in Cambodian American communities. Having arrived in the United States as refugees since the early 1980s, the majority of Cambodian Americans are survivors of the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields. Coming out of this conflict, the priority has been daily survival. In this environment of transition and struggle, Khmer women and girls face limited opportunities for growth and development.

Devata is changing this reality by strategically investing in Cambodian women and girls. Through our collective efforts, we will inspire our friends and communities and mobilize resources to support dynamic Cambodian American women and girls who will contribute to building vibrant communities. While the challenge is immense, we believe it is a unique and timely opportunity to invest in this initiative.