Protection Human Rights Orgnization

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About Us

PHRO mission is to mobilize the poor under a common platform and to support them to carry out sustainable development .PHRO strengthens humans and youth voices, builds dynamic leadership and provides essential and meaningful services that promote safe, inclusive, and equitable communities.

  • PHRO will support in legal matters aimed at elimination of all forms of discrimination against humans.
  • Equal access to participation and decision making the human and youth in social change.
  • Elimination of discrimination and all forms of violence against human and youth labour of Prisoner.
  • Creating environment through positives economic and social politics for full development of human to enable team to realize their full potential.
  • To establish human and youth capacity building centers.
  • HRO will strive to change societal attitudes and community practices by active participation and involvement of Humans.
  • To promote environmental education and participation of humans and youth in environmental.
  • To up lift socio economic condition of the members through generating opportunities.

To promote and encourage high quality of education at nation level and to undertake various educational related programs /activities.


  1. To empower Human Labour of youth”,
  2. Old age /Orphan support Darulaman”
  3. “ Against Marriage Before 18th Age”,
  4. “ Marriage of girls legally”
  5. “ Education Development Of Youth,
  6. “Health, “ Nutrition ”, Water Sanitation
  7. Women Rights
  8. Children rights
  9. Legal rights.
  10. Shelter.
  11. Environmental Risk Management
  12. Monitoring & Evolution Research
  13. Community Physical Infrastructure