AmeriCorps Project MORE

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About Us

AmeriCorps Project MORE strengthens family and financial literacy development among Head Start parents. MORE members support resource dissemination, literacy skill development, and facilitate family and financial workshops. Parents served by Project MORE members receive the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to be full partners in their child’s education.

Project MORE members serve the following sites:

- Center for Family and Community Leadership

- FAST GED (South and West locations): A GED test preparation and post GED planning program

- FAST ESL (Central and North locations): An English as a Second Language preparation site for parents

Parent Outreach Office: An office that offers

-Family literacy workshops to Head Start parents

- Financial Literacy Initiative for Parents Office: An office that offers financial literacy workshops to Head Start parents

- Parent Education & Employment Readiness.

AmeriCorps members serving with Project MORE receives the following benefits

- Approximately $1000/month (before taxes) Living Allowance (before taxes)

- $5,645 Education Award upon successfully completing the program

- Health Insurance

- Bi-weekly Training

- Student Loan Forbearance

- Student Loan Interest Payments