The Lucknow Project

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About Us

The Lucknow Project has been hugely successful in improving the educational system of rural villages in India along with health and quality of life. Improvements to the education and health systems have led to broader community empowerment and a sense of a future for the younger generations.

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and disease that plagues children in the villages of India. Since 2006, Project Founder Nazeela Nasseri has traveled to Amethi, India to teach English initially during summer break. Now, her sister, Afshan Nasseri, 16 years old, has taken over the responsibility of Project Director. They have collected basic school supplies and want to continue their lessons year round. Through generous donations, and the help of GRACE Cares and the Nasseri family, the small project has grown into a number of initiatives serving the entire community.