Little Brothers West Island

  • Québec


204 Avenue Lakeview
H9S 4C5

About Us

Far too many seniors face the prospect of aging alone, with no family, no friends and no one to talk to or share their everyday joys and sorrows with. They often feel shut out and left behind and believe that happiness is no longer in their grasp. Thankfully, Little Brothers is there... Little Brothers’ mission is to welcome and provide support to lonely elders by creating a caring, committed extended family around them, dedicated to alleviating their isolation and being by their side throughout their remaining years. You can work alongside other individuals who feel compelled to make a difference and put an end to isolation among our vulnerable senior population. Whether you’re a student, a retiree or somewhere in between, your time with Little Brothers will allow you to expand your horizons, enjoy new experiences and develop life-changing friendships.