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About Us

Library of America (LOA), a nonprofit organization, champions our nation's cultural heritage by publishing America's greatest writing in authoritative new editions and providing resources for readers to explore this rich, living legacy. Founded in 1979, the nonprofit organization was created with a unique and unprecedented goal: to curate and publish authoritative new editions of Americas best writing, including acknowledged classics, neglected masterpieces, and historically significant documents and texts. 

Now widely recognized as the definitive collection of American writing, the Library of America comprises over 300 volumes (as both print and ebooks), encompassing all periods and genres and showcasing the vitality and variety of Americas great writing. The collection includes novels, stories, poetry, and plays; speeches and sermons; war reporting; science fiction and other genres by such illustrious writers as the Founders, Mark Twain, Willa Cather, Robert Frost, Flannery O'Connor, James Baldwin, Edith Wharton, Philip Roth, and many others. Works are selected for their literary merit and historical significance rather than on their sales potential. Since volumes are sold for less than it costs to publish them, LOA must supplement book sales revenue with grants and contributions to cover the publication costs and support its full range of activities. 

In addition to its publishing activities, LOA engages readers in a deeper appreciation of American literature with programs on literary and historical topics, places volumes in public libraries and schools, and partners with other nonprofit organizations to donate volumes to underserved communities. Library of America is the only nonprofit organization chartered to publish, preserve, and celebrate the exceptional American writing that is our shared cultural heritage. Learn more at