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Programs of Study

The College of Staten Island (CSI) offers master's degrees in Accounting (M.S.); Biology (M.S.); Business Management (M.S.); Cinema and Media Studies (M.A.); Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M.A.); Computer Science (M.S.); Education: Childhood (elementary) Education (M.S.Ed.), Adolescence (secondary) Education (M.S.Ed.), Special Education (grades 1–6) (M.S.Ed.), Special Education (grades 7–12) (M.S.Ed.), Teaching of English to Speakers of other Languages (M.S.Ed.); English (M.A.); Environmental Science (M.S.); History (M.A.); Liberal Studies (M.A.); Neuroscience and Developmental Disabilities (M.S.); Nursing: Adult-Gerontological Health Nursing (M.S.); and Social Work (M.S.W.).

Post-master's degrees are awarded in Education: School District Leader, School Building Leader and School District Leader (dual certificate), Teaching of English to Speakers of other Languages; and in Nursing: Adult-Gerontological Health Nursing, Nursing Education. Advanced certificates are offered in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Business Analytics of Large-Scale Data, and Cultural Competence.

The College of Staten Island offers an Adult-Gerontological Health Nursing (D.N.P.) program and a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy (D.P.T.). In addition, the College offers the following doctoral programs jointly with the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY): Biochemistry (Ph.D.), Biology (Ph.D.), Computer Science (Ph.D.), Physics (Ph.D.), and Polymer Chemistry (Ph.D.).

Research Facilities

The Center for Developmental Neuroscience and Developmental Disabilities is supported jointly with the New York State Institute for Basic Research (IBR). The center conducts, promotes, and sponsors research, education, and training in the developmental neurosciences, with special emphasis on research and educational programs in the specific field of developmental disabilities. The center provides for collaborative efforts between the College and IBR in offering the master's degree in neuroscience, developmental disabilities, and mental retardation, as well as with the University's doctoral programs in biology (subprogram in neuroscience), and in psychology (subprogram in learning processes). The center provides advanced research training for graduate students.

The Center for Environmental Science provides support for research and policy recommendations concerning environmental problems. One of the major purposes of the center is to define and solve environmental problems on Staten Island and its environs through research that includes studies of respiratory diseases, toxic and carcinogenic chemicals in the air, and the population at risk for lung cancer.

The Center for the Study of Staten Island: Staten Island Project (SIP) is designed to integrate the work of the College with the public affairs concerns of the people of Staten Island. To that end, it mediates and facilitates the collaboration of the College's faculty, students, and staff with government, civic organizations, and businesses in order to identify and assist in finding solutions to the borough's pressing public issues. The center serves as an information and consultation resource to prepare citizens and leaders to make better-informed decisions about public life; it fosters the development of faculty research and graduate education through engagement with the community; and it builds bridges to other public affairs institutes and local communities as a spur to innovations in public life on Staten Island.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences brings together a diverse group of research faculty members and students with interests in interdisciplinary applications of mathematics and computational science. The center's activities include the use of the campus supercomputer, faculty collaboration, grant writing, student mentoring and research, and sponsored lectures.

The CUNY High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) is located on the CSI campus. Goals of the HPCC are to: support the scientific computing needs of university faculty, student, staff, and their public and private sector partners; create opportunities for the CUNY research community to develop new partnerships with the government and private sectors; and leverage the center's capabilities to acquire additional research resources for its faculty and graduate students in existing and major new programs.

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid administers federal and state grant, loan, and work-study programs to assist students with financial need to attend the College of Staten Island. Students should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid early in the admission process to discuss eligibility requirements and responsibilities. In some departments, graduate assistant positions are available for full-time graduate students. Information about these positions may be obtained from the individual program departments.

Cost of Study

For the 2015–16 academic year, tuition for master's programs for New York State residents is $425 per credit, or $5,0655 per semester for 12 or more credits. Tuition for non-state residents is $780 per credit. Tuition for the Master in Social Work program is $560 per credit, or $6,685 per semester for New York State residents. Tuition for non-state residents is $910 per credit. Tuition for the Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy program for New York State residents is $625 per credit, or $5,460 per semester. Tuition for non-state residents is $985 per credit. Tuition for the Doctorate in Nursing Practice program for New York State residents is $560 per credit, or $6,685 per semester. Tuition for non-state residents is $910 per credit.

Living and Housing Costs

For the 2015–16 academic year, students living with parents budgeted a minimum of $1,364 for books and supplies, $1,054 for local transportation, $2,946 for meals and personal expenses, and $4,210 for housing. Students living away from parents budgeted the same amounts for books, supplies, and transportation, plus $17,877 for food, housing, and personal expensesfor a nine-month academic year. The College of Staten Island's first on-campus student housing is now open. Floor plans and rates are available online at


The College of Staten Island is located in New York City in the Borough of Staten Island. Completed in 1994, the 204-acre campus of the College of Staten Island is the largest one for a college in New York City. Set in a parklike landscape, the campus is centrally located on Staten Island and is accessible by automobile and public transportation.

The College

The College of Staten Island is a college of the City University of New York that offers exceptional opportunities to all its students. Programs in the liberal arts and sciences and professional studies lead to bachelor's and associate degrees, in addition to the graduate programs listed above.


Requirements for admission and application deadlines vary by program and department. Students should contact the Graduate Admissions' Office for additional information or to arrange an admissions interview or campus tour.

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