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About Us

Wildtracks is a Belizean non-profit conservation organization, and has been working toward the sustainable future of the natural resources since its establishment in 1990. Wildtracks achieves results by strengthening national and site level conservation of ecosystems and species, building engagement and strengthening capacity towards effective environmental stewardship at all levels in Belize.

Wildtracks works to protect wildlife through habitat conservation, effective rescue and rehabilitation of endangered and threatened species, and community engagement. We partner with the local government and work with other nonprofit organizations, natural resource users, the tourism sector and communities toward a holistic approach to species conservation. 

Wildlife rehabilitation at Wildtracks is focused on globally Endangered and Vulnerable species, concentrating on manatees and primates (though also caters to other wildlife species on an as-needed basis). Our goal is to increase the viability of endangered primates and manatees in Belize. This is achieved through releasing all suitable animals back into the wild with the skills to survive, working with Government and relevant stakeholders to protect existing wild populations, and addressing human/ wildlife conflict through education and outreach initiatives.

The Manatee Rehabilitation Center receives and rehabilitates all orphaned and injured manatees rescued in Belize and, where possible returns them to the wild. The center has an unequaled record of a 100% survival of all rehabilitated manatees that have been released to date.

The Primate Rehabilitation Center caters to Belize’s two primate species – the Yucatan black howler and Central American spider monkey, both of which are globally endangered. Wildtracks is working with the Belize Forest Department to end the illegal trade in pet monkeys nationally, and is having remarkable success in rehabilitation and release – with a 94% post release survival of the howler monkeys released to date.

Wildtracks is the only facility in Belize to provide rehabilitation care for primates and manatees.

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