Painted Star Equine Rescue

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289 SW Hawk LN
Fort White
United States

About Us

Painted Star Equine Rescue INC. rescues horses from being auctioned for slaughter, takes in horses that have been sized by the state of Florida, and takes custody of horses abandoned by their owners . We rehabilitate and train horses for use as companion animals, riding horses and therapy horses that are then available for adoption to the general public with approval. Angels Den Equine Rescue offers education programs to help educate new horse owners with respect to proper care, management and Natural horsemanship training teniques. Education clinics and demonstrations are presented to the general public on issues such as veterinary care, shoeing, safety, Natural Horsemanship training, riding, and neglect and cruelty to animal issues. The purposes of Angels Den Equine Rescues are exclusively charitable, scientific or educational.