U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

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About Us

The U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre assists donor practitioners in more effectively addressing corruption challenges through their development support.

U4 offers relevant anti-corruption material, including our own applied research (featured under Themes), through an extensive web based resource centre. U4 runs also in-country and online trainings on anti-corruption measures and strategies for our partner agencies and their counterparts. Finally, a Helpdesk service providing expert answers to the most pressing questions faced by development practitioners in the field is also available through our website.

U4’s distinctive role in the anti-corruption field is a close working relationship with aid donors, whose practical challenges and policy issues shape our agenda and inform our priorities. Through our knowledge web hub and trainings U4 hopes to uphold our vision and mission. U4 does not investigate cases of corruption nor has the capacity to assist countries in pursuing investigations.

U4’s vision

U4’s vision is a world in which development efforts of aid donors and developing countries are more effective because the negative impacts of corruption are reduced.

U4’s mission

We do not expect to achieve this vision alone. Our contribution to this goal lies in our mission to be a leading provider of high-quality research, information, and learning opportunities to help development practitioners more effectively support anti-corruption efforts in the developing world.

U4 values

  • Engagement with Practitioners: We aim to provide resources and services that are grounded in engagement with the practical and policy issues facing development practitioners.
  • Evidence Based: We aspire for all of our resources and services to be built on robust evidence and research.
  • Independent: We aspire to enable practitioners to make informed decisions based on critical analysis and independent perspectives.
  • Responsive: We aspire to provide a timely and professional response to the changing needs and priorities of development practitioners and policymakers.