Nonprofits First, Inc.

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2300 High Ridge Road
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Boynton Beach
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About Us

Nonprofits First, Inc. is a unique 501(c)(3) organization in South Florida whose goal is to help build a nonprofit community that excels in the formation and execution of sound nonprofit management practices. The mission of Nonprofits First is to promote quality and accountability in the nonprofit community through leadership development, education, management services and Certification.

Nonprofits First creates empowering opportunities for other nonprofit organizations in Palm Beach County. Our team of world-class executives is available to help organizations achieve their highest level of success and implement best business practices in their nonprofit organization.

Current programs and services include:

Agency Certification

BeCertified strengthens the administrative capacity of nonprofit agencies through the use of a unified set of administrative standards that meet core requirements of the laws and regulations that govern nonprofits, as well as best practices in nonprofit management. BeCertified promotes sound business practices in the areas of administration, leadership and board governance, human resources and financial management.


GoLearn offers workshops, conferences, e-learning courses and customized training, to support Agency Certification and nonprofit management practices.

Leadership Development

GoLead represents a wide choice of programs to strengthen personal and organizational leadership from board development to social entrepreneurship, team building to organizational communications.

Management Services

GoTech provides high-quality business-class technical support services, IT outsourcing and IT project management services to nonprofit organizations at an affordable price.

GoFigure provides high-quality financial management and accounting services to enable nonprofits to analyze, manage, report and make strategic decisions about their resources.

GoTalent is designed to assist nonprofits in the following areas: employee recruitment and retention, HR structures and systems design, employee transition assistance, organizational and individual surveys, and web-based HR services.

GoBuild Capacity Building Services provide an assessment-based, client-centered engagement resulting in developing strategies to meet high-priority needs for long-term organizational effectiveness.