Buffalo CarShare

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14 Allen St

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About Us

We are a community-driven organization that advances affordable and environmentally friendly transportation.

What this means...

Community-Driven Organization - At its core, the sharing of any resource builds community, but car sharing goes above and beyond that. It makes use of the automobile as an option, not a burden. Members choose whether to walk, bike, drive, carpool, or take transit for their daily commuting needs. This shift encourages purchasing locally and makes walking to a local specialty shop much more affordable than a trip taken to a giant big-box store for small purchases, thereby reinforcing walkable neighborhoods. Our non-profit status allows community concerns to drive our decision-making process. For example, we will be able to offer our services at reduced rates to community service organizations in need.

Affordable Service - While Buffalo has been ranked as having the easiest commute in the nation (among large cities) it is not very convenient for those who don't own a vehicle (over 30% of Buffalo's households). In larger cities, low vehicle ownership rates correlate to the high expense of parking coupled with neighborhoods that are dense enough to support good transit and walkable amenities. In Buffalo, the low ownership rates have much to do with slim budgets

Environmental Friendly Transportation - Every car shared means 8 to 10 vehicles are taken off the road. Most members curtail their driving after joining, which in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions. When they do drive, members are doing so in more fuel-efficient vehicles. On top of these benefits, many members choose to either sell a vehicle in their household or defer buying a new one, reducing the number of vehicles on the street and curbing the costly consumer cycle that takes vehicles from the showroom to the scrap yard.