Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association

  • MI


Grand Rapids
United States

About Us

The FHNA is a non-profit organization made up of neighbors and friends in the Fulton Heights area of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are one of the older neighborhoods in Grand Rapids lying between Heritage Hill and East Grand Rapids. Even though the Fulton Heights area extends from Eastern Ave to Plymouth Ave, the neighborhood association’s boundaries are Fuller Ave, Michigan Ave, Fulton St, and Plymouth Ave. We proactively work with both the Fulton Heights & Michigan Ave Business Districts.


The mission of the Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association is to promote friendship and cooperation among residents; to maintain and improve the property and physical appearance of the community; to assist local businesses to survive and prosper in the community; to have a role in civic matters affecting our community; to develop awareness, a spirit of pride and individuality; to initiate neighborhood programs for solving problems, providing services, and promoting social activities; to encourage the development of more localized groups such as block clubs to follow the aforementioned purposes; and to receive and disburse monies, gifts, bequests and goods for community service for charity.