WOW In-Sync, Inc.

  • GA


United States

About Us

WOW In-Sync, Inc. (WOW) is a Georgia, non-profit corporation founded by Karen Lynn in June, 2010. The corporation was founded for the purpose of continuing the mission and vision of Hands For Hire, Inc., originally founded by Karen Lynn in 1999.

Our Mission

“We support adults with developmental disabilities through training and mentorship so they can be empowered to pursue their passions in work and life.”

WOW, a provider of community and employment services for adults with developmental and learning disabilities, serves approximately 150 individuals from DeKalb, Gwinnett, Fulton, Clayton and Fayette counties in Georgia and devotes 100% of its time and resources to fulfilling its mission in support of these individuals. WOW’s Hands For Hire program operates out of its two local branches in DeKalb and Fayette counties. WOW’s Simply Biz Career Program was launched in 2011 and is currently accepting new referrals. WOW specifically targets underserved populations, and is expanding community outreach and advocacy efforts to better learn and meet the needs of surrounding communities; both directly, and in building and facilitating networks of support.