Cap Hill Soccer Jam

  • WA


901 12th Ave
United States

About Us

The Cap Hill Soccer Jam is a full day, 64-team, 4-v-4 street soccer tournament for adults. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness and generate funds for Street Soccer Seattle. Street Soccer Seattle's mission is "to foster the camaraderie, community, and confidence that is central to the sport of soccer to empower homeless individuals to find greater success and peace in their lives." All proceeds and donations will help support Street Soccer Seattle and their on-going efforts in the Greater Seattle area.

According to SSS, homelessness results from a breakdown in community. Therefore, the coaches and staff help to create and maintain, through sport, a positive community for people who are homeless. Within this supportive atmosphere, players not only learn the sport of soccer but also gain important life skills, which assist in connecting participants to jobs, education, and housing.

The benefits of participating in the street soccer initiative are impressive. Specifically, 91% of players have learned essential life skills that have led to life-changing outcomes in health, education, housing and employment.

Furthermore, 75% of street soccer players are connected to jobs and housing, complete a rehabilitation program, or further their education within a year of joining the program.

Registration fees and donations will directly benefit Street Soccer Seattle, as this money will help fund the team’s league registration fees, travel, and equipment needs.