Saint Joseph's Carpenter Society

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20 Church Street
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About Us

Saint Joseph's Carpenter Society (SJCS) is a community development organization founded in 1985 to help low- and moderate-income families improve their quality of life and create safe neighborhoods through homeownership. SJCS believes that the pride of homeownership leads to a higher quality of life. SJCS believes that homeownership encourages stability and fosters personal pride, enabling families to develop community, improve their lifestyle, and establish roots for the benefit of themselves and future generations. To do this, SJCS focuses on two interrelated functions of housing development and homeowner education. The core mission is to target abandoned and poor-condition houses for acquisition, rehabilitation and sale to neighborhood families. Since 1985 SJCS has been actively engaged in the production and rehabilitation of affordable housing for sale and rent to low- and moderate-income families in the City of Camden.