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About Us

Impact Abroad partners with nonprofit local organizations in the field of education and community development to serve less fortunate individuals with limited economic and educational opportunities. As a volunteer you can help provide the kind of informal education and vocational skills that disadvantaged children and women need to escape poverty. Volunteers will primarily be teaching basic English but will also have the opportunity to teach or a recreational activity like playing guitar. A long term volunteer can even elect to spend more time with the kids watching movies or going swimming. International volunteers spending time volunteering will broaden these children’s horizons and foster a curiosity in them about the world. Teaching them English will also help give them the skills they need to escape the poverty they are growing up in. Meeting and working with these people will also deepen your cultural interaction.

There are other programs in environment sustainability in Yunnan. Volunteers may be involved in on field volunteering like sapling planting programs, creating public awareness drives to use renewable energy resources as well as support activities like designing promotional materials for campaigns or helping in day to day activities in running the organization.