Turkish Coalition of America

  • DC


1510 H Street NW, Suite 900
United States

About Us

  • Educate the general public about Turkey and Turkish Americans and voice their opinion on critical issues to interested parties.
  • Engage and cultivate a new generation of young Turkish American leaders.
  • Promote and advance the interests of the Turkish American community and Turks.
  • Foster friendship, understanding and cooperation between the United States and Turkey.
  • Protect the character and ensure a realistic portrayal of Turkey and Turkish Americans in the media and the arts.
  • Serve as a think tank of expertise and a clearinghouse of information on Turkey and Americans of Turkish descent.
  • Identify and recognize the achievements of Turkish Americans in academia, arts, business, education, government, public service and science.

In carrying out its mission, TCA is committed to building coalitions and working with all like minded organizations, based on shared values and goals, on the local, state and national levels in the sponsorship and organization of Educational programs on Turkish American issues, Turkish heritage and Turkey.

  • Civic consciousness seminars on issues affecting Turkish Americans and the importance for Turkish Americans being involved in the political process.
  • Scholarships and internship programs for Turkish Americans interested in political science, public administration and communication.
  • News dissemination about the Turkish American perspective on critical issues and the activities and achievements of Turkish Americans.
  • Educational and cultural tours between Turkey and the United States.
  • Sister city relationships between Turkish and American cities.