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Established by Maria Montessori herself in 1929, the Association Montessori International (AMI) sets the standard for Montessori teacher training. Dedicated to upholding the traditional Montessori method and pedagogy in the United States, AMI/USA is dedicated to furthering Montessori's original pedagogy in the United States. Visit our website at for more information about Montessori job opportunities, teacher training, and professional development.

Montessori teachers are sometimes referred to as "guides" because they are experts at assisting children to find their own strengths and their own capabilities through the use of practical, self-correcting materials.

The role of an AMI Montessori teacher is to:
• Respect children as self-directed individuals.
• Foster growth towards independence and responsibility.
• Create an atmosphere of calm, order and joy in a safe and stimulating environment that supports the growth of each child.
• Assist children to progress at their own pace and gradually discover their potential while helping them to help themselves.
• Give engaging presentations with self-correcting Montessori materials.

With fourteen training locations in the United States, the AMI diploma is the highest caliber of Montessori training available. Additionally, many of the AMI training centers offer a simultaneous Masters Degree in conjunction with the AMI Diploma; the most broadly recognized Montessori credential.

Visit our website to find out more about becoming an AMI Montessori teacher:

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