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About Us


Infinite Learning (IL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing afterschool

enrichment programs that inspire academic excellence and creativity for children of all

ages and backgrounds. IL is committed to developing innovative and engaging enrichment

opportunities that are accessible to all families, and customized to support schools' goals and

unique populations. IL accomplishes this through two primary means:

• continuing programs that have been eliminated from the school day due to budget

reductions, and

• creating affordable and easily accessible enrichment opportunities that span a broad

spectrum of interests for students and their families.

IL is also dedicated to demonstrating a deep respect for individuals inside and outside the

organization, and for the communities of which they are a part. With this in mind, IL is committed to

operate in a way that actively recognizes the central role business plays in the community by initiating

innovative ways to improve the quality of life for the stakeholders we serve.

As such, IL uses local business for all services, hires locally whenever possible and has developed

partnerships with local business and community services in order to maximize the programs it

can provide for the children IL serves.