Assisting Cambodian Orphans and the Disabled Organization

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Siem Reap


About Us

ACODO is a non-profit organization established by native Cambodian founders in early 2008. We provide a loving home, nutritious food, healthcare and high quality education to the most victimized and vulnerable children in Cambodia. They have experienced powerlessness in the ultimate form. Their lives have been governed by fear. Fear of violence, fear of not having enough food, fear of having no opportunity to improve their lives.

Some are former homeless street children who were vulnerable to exploitation from others. ACODO saved them from becoming beggars, prostitutes or criminals. They no longer have to scavenge in the local garbage bins for their next meal.

They have progressed from street kids with no long term goals to children with challenging career desires. Their ambitions vary from being a tour guide, an engineer, a language teacher, an art teacher or a doctor. The children have a real thirst for knowledge and are working very hard to achieve their aspirations. 

They get both formal Khmer education at Cambodian private school and informal education after school. They learn English, computer, Khmer traditional dance and music with local teachers and volunteers.