H.E.A.R. The Dream Foundation

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About Us

H.E.A.R. The Dream Foundation was founded in April, 2009 with a vision to provide support and awareness to surrounding many issues facing the world today. Our website will be a vehicle that includes informational facts and links to organizations of interests and conduct fundraising events. H.E.A.R. The Dream Foundation represents:

(H) Humanitarian Our Humanitarian awareness and support efforts will benefit the homelessness in America. H.E.A.R. The Dream Foundation will participate in community and activities and provide information on activities for humanitarian efforts.

(E) Earth The Earth awareness support efforts will be informational updates on our website and links to various non-profit organization that have special interests in saving planet earth.

(A) Arts In support of the Arts, our website will post events and activities provided several organizations and highlight the entertainer of the month. H.E.A.R. The Dream foundation will plan a future event in support of the Arts.

(R) Research H.E.A.R. The Dream foundation will host and participate events to support Research for Diabetes, Cancer, and Stem Cell Research.