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About Us

Building 21 (B21) seeks to customize secondary education at scale. Our mission is to create a network approach to secondary and post-secondary learning for high school age youth that fundamentally reorients the system to place the learner at the center. This is accomplished by utilizing time, space, tasks, and assessments in a personalized and flexible manner. We believe that technology, specifically blended learning opportunities, as well as a mastery-based permeable school model that engages students directly with post-secondary learning opportunities and authentic learning experiences, are critical levers for realizing this vision. Click here to learn more about us. The objectives of the B21 model are to:

  • Motivate and support an array of learners to meet high academic standards, to develop the mindsets for personal growth and success, and to obtain meaningful job-related credentials
  • Redefine the place, time, and tasks of learning
  • Integrate advances in technology with the timeless fundamentals of relationships, personal support, and proven approaches to teaching and learning
  • Build new postsecondary partnerships and pathways
  • Engage communities in educational and economic development
  • Build a playlist of learning options including online, offline, individual, small group, large group, skills-based, and applied learning opportunities
  • Build a network of learning experiences and resources through partnerships with individuals, community organizations, employers, and subject matter experts down the street and across the globe
  • Curate, create and organize content to support proficiency based pathways