International League of Conservation Photographers

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About Us

The International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) was established in 2005, with the simple goal of enlisting the skills and expertise of some of the best photographers in the world to advance conservation efforts around the globe. iLCP is devoted to furthering environmental and cultural conservation by moving conservation communications beyond the goal of “raising awareness,” to the place where awareness leads to concern and concrete actions.

We start by working with local partners to develop an overall communications strategy for their issue, refining the desired storyline with compelling messages and messengers. We then enlist our world-class, world-renowned photographers to capture those stories in top-quality, project- specific images that tell a thousand words. Finally, we collaborate with our partners to produce and distribute targeted communications products (photo essays, exhibitions, multimedia, social media, etc.) to a broad, but strategic, suite of audiences.

Our photographers don’t just take pictures, they capture stories—stories that inspire policy makers and the public to positive and concrete conservation gains.