Volunteer Center of Burlington County, New Jersey

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About Us

The Volunteer Center of Burlington County is a non-profit organization that provides and promotes volunteer opportunities, programs and services to meet community needs.

FOR THE VOLUNTEER CANDIDATE: The Volunteer Center is dedicated to helping you find volunteer work that is most suitable to your skills, interests, and abilities; your preferred location; your schedule; and your age.

When you volunteer you can help others, enrich your life, have fun, gain new skills, develop talents, explore vocational interests, meet new people, and make a real difference!

FOR THE VOLUNTEER AGENCY: We serve over 175 local non-profit agencies and organizations by recruiting and referring potential volunteers to match on-going needs.

The Volunteer Center is proud to work closely with the DOVIA and R&SVP programs of Burlington County.

THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR SERVICE: Registration for both volunteers and agencies is free and without obligation. Call to discuss your community service needs.