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About Us

The Northern Forest Center was founded in 1997 to mobilize people to build healthy communities, economies and ecosystems by working together across the Northern Forest region of northern Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York.

Since its inception, the Center has conducted research, developed programs, produced publications and convened dialogue and regional exchanges on issues ranging from heritage and culture to economic development, conservation and place-based education.

The Center uses several guiding principles to develop its programs: • Invest in and enhance local capital • Celebrate heritage and culture • Strengthen connections between people and places • Conserve and restore ecosystems • Work using cooperation and collaboration

Using these principles as a guide, the Center partners with individuals and organizations that represent diverse interests, skills, perspectives and disciplines to achieve things otherwise out of reach.

Our current projects include:

• The Sustainable Economy Initiative, a multi- state initiative to develop a vision and strategy for economic revitalization for the Northern Forest region that is based on balanced investment in both community and environment

• Ways of the Woods, a unique, mobile education program designed to engage people in exploring Northern Forest culture and heritage and the ever changing relationship between people and the land

• HandMade in the Northern Forest: A guide to fine art and traditional crafts in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York, an all-color guidebook to artists and traditional crafters in the Northern Forest which aims to build recognition of the importance of this entrepreneurial segment of the regional economy and to increase sales among the 365 businesses listed in the guidebook

• Federal Appropriations Strategy, through which the Center worked with dozens of organizations to assemble a request that Congress and the Bush Administration fund $311 million in federal fiscal year 2007 appropriations to key programs that serve Northern Forest communities, economies and ecosystems.

• Sustainable Forest Futures implements a coordinated and synergistic approach to help promote a sustainable forestry and sustainable forest products economic sector in the Northern forest region.